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"We made room for you"




The security system for NAZARETH ROAD STORAGE has been designed by ADT, a leader in the security industry.

             Designed to exactly meet the needs of the applications.  No other storage facility ultizes such a high tech security system for your personal protection and to keep your belongings safe.  Further, a sophisticated heat and fire detection system is installed in each building.

             Cameras situated throughout the site will provide a permanent record of all activity at NAZARETH ROAD STORAGE.  There is no safer place to store your belongings.  The only place we don't record is inside of the units.

             At NAZARETH ROAD STORAGE access can only be obtained by ultizing your personal encoded Key Card---"swipe-card."  There is a refundable $15.00 deposit for each card issued.Recording on computer, a time/date record and a picture will automatically be taken at the gate when you use your "swipe-card" to enter and leave the facility.

             This information will be stored on CD"S in NAZARETH ROAD STORAGE'S state of the art  security/monitering station off premises.  You may choose to use your own locks on your storage unit, or you may purchase locks at our office.            


The main gate.

One of the many security cameras situated throughout the property.

One of the swipe card reader (located inside the secure gate).

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